Artpril challenge 2019 (english)

Artpril is a yearly artistic and creative challenge open to all kind of disciplines in a care and positive spirit.

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I never took part in this king of challenges, how does it work?
Artpril invites you to challenge your creativity all month long in a care and positive mood with a prompts list, and share your efforts with other challengers. But no stress!

Where can I post my creations?
Wherever you want! On your page, your blog, on social medias (#artpril #artpril2019), and you can also share on Facebook official group:

Can I change discipline during the challenge?
Yes, you can paint, then write, and even mix them, for example: music and video.

Is it possible to do 1 prompt a day and then one creation in 3 or 5 days?
Absolutely, you can begin with one sketch every day, and after sew a costume with 3 prompts, take a picture everyday and then write a short story with 5 prompts. Just try to keep coherence with the prompts list 😉

Am I still the owner of my creations?
Of course! It is not a contest, there is no jury or prices. You can do whatever you want with your work during and after the challenge.

I am late / I am not inspired by a prompt, is that a problem?
Not at all! The most important is to contribute and have fun! Take your time, don't put pressure on you 😉

Can we take part as a team?
It is possible, and some disciplines (for example short movies) need the participation of several talents! You can also request other challengers' help by asking in the Facebook group!

Is it important to keep the care and positive spirit of this chalenge?
Exactly! It is the challenge DNA 😉